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Character Sheet: President Afrika Schön

Occupation: President of the Solar System (10-Year Term)
Education: Multiple PhDs

Solar System President Afrika Schön is humble, witty, self-deprecating, fast-talking, and invariably level-headed.

Afrika never wanted a career in politics, content to study and problem solve, first in odd jobs, then increasingly in the corporate world as a consultant.

Her witty nature and kind-hearted spirit seemed to ensure wherever she went, she was consistently elevated, almost against her will.

She was nominated for President by others (often joking “someone put my name in a hat”), and elected by an overwhelming majority.

An intelligent person living in a spoiled world, she strives to keep a cheery face even when surrounded by good-natured if frustrating incompetence at the highest levels.

(Illustration: Srdjan Pavlovic)