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What is RNWY Universe?

“Hey, Uh … What, Now?”

RNWY (pronounced “runway”) Universe is a cinematic universe, graphic novel, animated series, and noodle shop in development by P.A. Lopez.

RNWY Universe encompasses the critically acclaimed novel RNWY and pilots for four standalone TV series: RNWY Earth (based on the novel), the sequel, RNWY Galaxies, and two prequel/spinoff series, Vox Wormhall and Cyberpink.

RNWY Universe is a diverse, positive, highly imaginative series for all ages with adventure, humor, and heart.

As Buzzfeed’s Gabriel H. Sanchez so eloquently put it:

When Star Wars opened in 1977, its effect was to give joy to millions of people. It was very fast-paced, full of exotic locations and characters, and told in a direct, no-nonsense style that even the youngest viewers could follow.”

Similarly, RNWY Universe was created to bring a sense of hope, fun, and adventure to people worldwide.