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Historical Timeline of RNWY Universe

The following comprises a very rough timeline of major events of the late-21st to late-24th centuries.

Only some of these appear in RNWY: A Fashion-Week Space Adventure.

2100s – Luna and Mars colonized

2105 – First self-sustaining Martian settlement


First sentient AI, Sartoria, developed

2115 – Sartoria is granted independence and right-to-life by Fashion Robotics. Chauncey goes on to develops Sention, and Pablo develops Couturion. Basic Sentience Test is developed, and right-to-life granted to any AI who requests it.


Theorized to have originated as a bit of Sartoria code that escaped to the Web and evolved independently, the first Synth appears on a terminal to scientist Makenna Okeke Salas

2125 – Mariner City, first Martian settlement, founded

2130s – Currency devalued; Luxureum blockchain established to serve as a cryptocurrency


Humans’ biological clocks are stopped by the Synths, in what is seen as their First Great Accomplishment. As a result, it becomes legal for any human to electively stop aging once they reach 26.


The Synths’ Second Great Accomplishment is the End of  Scarcity: they create food synthesizers and optimize the economy so every Citizen gets a guaranteed income.

In their Third Great Accomplishment, Synths improve space travel with new, faster engine designs.

2155 – As the new speeds are swiftly adopted by the general populace, an alarming number of accidents prompt the creation of ThingsNet, to sync all robotics, devices, and transportation along the Luxureum blockchain

2160 – Animals granted right-to-life from humans

2166 – Rise of Supermetaphysics, via the systemwide best seller, The Incubator Universe by Leaf Eggleston Yzaguirre Caxias, a cashier Synth working for the primary school system

2190 – Saturn’s Ring Crawl begins with scattered vessels who want to live free of ThingsNet

Late 2100s – Gravitation is mastered in Synths’ Fourth Great Accomplishment, which allows for terraforming via gravitation-producing nanites; cars fly; streets become gravways

2200s – New spiritual systems develop. Offshoots of Supermetaphysics include Surrender, and compatible systems like Love and More Love. Aeon forms Death Gnosticism.

Luna and Mars terraformed under direction of Synths


The Citizenship Test is adopted for AIs, for all rights except right to vote

Synths awarded Citizenship under same terms

Animals are declared “Silent Citizens”

2215 – Luna terraforming begun, takes 25 years

2220 – Mars terraforming begun, takes 40 years. Sention Prime begins to develop in the cloud; sister Paxima deleted by ThingsNet.

2240 – Luna terraforming complete

2247 – Sam discovered by Mothership at 14

2258 – Sam has her “breakout moment” in an aggressive Holo ad at age 25

2260 – Mars terraforming complete, taking 40 years to the exact day, another testament to how much the Synths have perfected the process

2260 – Sam becomes an “It Girl” for 20 years

2260 – First Synths elected by human population (before given right to vote)


Total body regeneration legalized; old become “young again”

2281 – Sam quits modeling

2280 – Myn find Sention Prime

2300s – Only Synths are elected to Government, by humans (as Synths still don’t have voting rights)

2300s – Ganymede, Callisto, Titan colonized

2305 – All Citizens (including Synths) given right to vote. (Synths express appreciation.)

Titan given spin in preparation for terraforming

2359 – Sam creates Samantha! after career in dumps for 79 years, in which time she studies SuperQ, New Relativity, NanoBLD

2361 – Pablo stays at Four Seasons, 8 years

2369 – Pablo stays at Ritz

2389 – Afrika Schön elected for a standard 20-year term as System president