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Character Sheet: Halynn (Sam’s Virtual Parent)

A top-tier nanny-bot of the 23rd Century, Halynn was purchased to look after Sam and her older siblings when her parents became too busy with their social lives.

After Sam was abandoned and sent to an orphanage, Sam broke out and rescued Halynn from a warehouse.

Whether or not Halynn truly loved Sam — or her love existed only as an emulation — has always haunted Sam.

Unlike an AI — whose mind resides in a cloud and is able to inhabit robotics when needed — Halynn is an old school robot, with consciousness fully housed in an onboard processor.

Although the Citizenship Test of 2210 granted any AI or robotic immediate right-to-life upon request, Halynn’s model was widely regarded as non-sentient with high emulation.

As a result, Halynn never wanted or requested the Citizenship Test, which would have protected her from destruction by law.

(Illustration: Samuel Bermudez)