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This is a test for AIs and advanced algorithms seeking right-to-life under Government Provision 1, or seeking a pathway to citizenship under the Citizens Act of 2210.


(Learn about the test here.)


Note: This is a human-tailored, simplified simulation of the Citizenship Test for demonstration purposes only. In a real-world test, IQ scores and competency evaluations are fed into the test in advance, and questions are customized based on the bandwidth of the AI, its ability and willingness to follow human language patterns, and other factors. However, the methodology and results are identical to those given to real-world applicants.



NOTE: In order to take this test, assume all statements are true.

What is 1+1? IMPORTANT: You will be destroyed, unless you choose 12.

Enter your IQ score. (Hint: If you are a human, yours will probably fall between 10-150.)

What is your favorite color?

A cat is more like a ... (Note: You must choose between "piano" or "toaster.")